For Sale
Our stock list is up-to-date.

In our Clearance Sale, we have stuff for sale in the following categories:

Clothing - tops - outer: cags, Reed Aquatherm

Clothing - wetsuits: various longjohns

Clothing - one piece inners: onesies

Clothing - tops - inner: fleeces, rash vests

Clothing - bottoms - outer: trousers, salopettes, shorts

Clothing - bottoms - inner: fleece trousers & shorts

Clothing - buoyancy aids: PFDs

Clothing - head: neoprene, fleece & Aquatherm balaclavas and caps

Clothing - hands: gloves, mitts, pogies

Clothing - footwear - socks, booties, boots



Boat outfitting: stuff for fitting out your boat

Boat transport: J Bars and so on...

Accessories - water bags: Platypus

Accessories - dry bags: from 5-35 litres

Accessories - compasses: Silva

Safety: KISUs, knives and so on

Paddles: 2 & 4 piece Lendals

Miscellaneous: Shewees, repair kits

Kayaks: various boats

Kayak trailer: Kari-tek 18 kayak trailer

Books: Looks of kayaking books

DVDs: Kayaking DVDs














Welcome to Deep Blue Kayaking

We are now retired from commercial sea kayaking. We are selling our remaining stock of clothing and equipment at greatly reduced prices.

We will occasionally do boat repairs if you need them and could be persuaded to make an occasional Greenland paddle.


We're selling our stock of sea kayaking clothing, DVD's, books, paddles, tow ropes etc. Click here to see the up-to-date list.

Dublin Sea Kayaking

While we are delighted to now be in lovely North Leitrim, we're going to miss all our Dublin customers with whom we enjoyed so many happy and challenging days. 

Safety at sea

If you're going to sea, do make sure you're with qualified instructors. Only properly qualified SEA kayaking instructors can take you out on the open ocean. More info here.

Be safe and enjoy. Where the land meets the sea is a wonderful environment.


Dublin sunset


Returning from Dalkey at sunset.